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✅ No CV Required

✅ Filter Irrelevant Candidates Instantly 

✅ Dynamic Questions Per Candidate 

✅ Applications Directly Through Facebook 

Chat&Hire is a chat bot that would get the necessary information that you need from your applicants. 

Just simply define what information would be necessary for the job, then let Chat&Hire Solutions do the inquiry and interview for you. Less hassle and no more unnecessary information overload.

Candidates Will Say Thank You!

Reviewing a lot of Curriculum Vitaes (CVs) can be really time-consuming with tons of job applicants in your company. 

With Chat&Hire, you can easily filter the best candidates for the job. This is powered by an automated filtering system specially made for Chat&Hire HR bot. 

Auto Filter Irrelevant Candidates 

Auto Emails are probably part of the mainstream systems in the world of technology nowadays. However, what if it is going to be an auto-response email plus a follow-up email? 

Now, you can have the power and magic trick to keep your candidates in the loop just in a snap of a finger! With an auto magical email responder, you no longer have to suffer from the hassles.

AutoMagical Email Responders

Chat&Hire Solutions is a perfect platform for employers and for job candidates. This is a platform where both parties can meet halfway. It is a win-win solution for everyone.

The candidates and the employers will surely have a seamless, simple, and direct on-boarding process compared to the cliché interviewing process. This is truly a magical leap in the world of HR!

Get The Information You Really Need

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